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LEICA 發表最新一代的正立光學顯微鏡 DM4 B 及 DM6 B

期盼已久的新一代正立光學顯微鏡, 已於今天推出.

潔淨的機身設計, 具有最精密的操控設計, 光學解析與寬廣的視野, 提供了用戶最深盼與最實際的使用需求.


配合新世代的 sCMOS 相機 ( 具有更寬廣的取像視野 ), 如 Hamamatsu sCMOS 相機. Leica DM4 B 及 Leica DM6 B 具有獨一的 19 mm 視野.

單鍵切換對比功能, 讓顯微鏡的操作使用, 變得簡單好用. 使用者, 可以專注樣本 !
我們客觀檢視 Leica DM4 B 及 Leica DM6 B 與其他廠牌的顯微鏡做比較, Leica 的確具有許多優勢 :

- 光學解析最高
- 使用最具智慧與簡易
- 單鍵切換功能極具人性化與效率
- 物鏡品質第一
- 機身設計最簡潔, 整體控制最流暢
- 組件最豐富
- 成像品質,  成色與對比, 都最具優勢 .
- 最佳信價比.

Leica DM4B 及 Leica DM6 B 可以依照應用需求, 組成應用系統. 如固定式載物台的顯微鏡, 可以應用於電生理, 雙光子影像.

Electrophysiology and Neurobiology with the Leica DM6 FS

If you look for a microscope system to support you in neuro sciences, evolutionary biology, or in vivo imaging, the Leica DM6 FS fixed stage widefield microscope should be your first choice. It shows its advantages best when you seek to stimulate specimens form the outside like in optogenetics, or measure them for example in electrophysiological experiments such as patch clamp.

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • Vibration-free control ensures your sample is not disturbed
  • All current-carrying elements are switched off if not in use, preventing sample disruption
  • More clearance allows for easy access to samples

Derived from the same stand as the Leica DM6 B, it is an outstanding tool for sophisticated experiments, and also forms part of our Leica EM Cryo CLEM system.

同時, Leica 也更新顯微鏡平台, 推出 LMD 6 及 LMD 7 的雷射顯微切割系統 ( laser microdissection )

唯一採用正立光學顯微鏡, 雷射掃描, 自動切割掉落蒐集樣本.

從 1.25x 到 100x, Leica 擁有超過 300 個以上的超高解析鏡頭, 滿足所有應用.
其中, 雷射切割專用物鏡, 具有最佳光學穿透效率, 最有效率的切割效率.

Sample Preparation with Laser Microdissection

Facilitate your sample preparation and achieve pure, contamination-free starting material for molecular biology analysis directly from the tissue section! Laser microdissection (LMD) helps you to look at precisely the region of interest retaining its morphology by separating your target cells from the rest of the sample.

What marks our laser microdissection systems?

  • We move the laser, not the sample. This is why our cuts are fast and clean.
  • We collect dissectates via gravity directly into standard consumables, saving time and money.
  • Cut various preparations: fresh, frozen, fixed, or immuno-labeled samples, live cells, smear preparations, bone, plant, wood, dentin and many more.

Learn more about LMD and our LMD systems

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